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Long Sleeve Shirts Women Love!

August 14, 2021 1 min read

Long Sleeve Shirts Women Love! - Edgy Shirts UK

For women the shirt has been in the making. It started as a simple white school blouse, that we all remember as school uniform and in the workplace. Long sleeved and required extensive ironing. 

But the long sleeve shirt women wear today has come a long way! At Edgy Shirts UK, we offer a diverse range of shirts, so whether your style of shirt is sleek, quirky, punk or streetwear, we have you covered.

 Oversized Black Shirt with White Chinese Style Print Asymmetric Printed Lantern Sleeve Shirt
White Irregular Fringed Strip Shirt Women's Lantern Patchwork Shirt


All our long sleeve shirt are available to view here.

We have the full range of long sleeve shirts, my personal favourite long sleeves at the moment are lantern sleeves, but we have traditional sleeve shirts too.